the evil Atheist conspiracy  the


Department of Linguistic Subversion
Evil Anagrams Division

Evil Atheist Conspiracy =

Scary Telepathic Vision
Vile Sycophantic Satire
Cynical Operatives Shit
Hyperactive Social Snit
Archetypical Soviet Sin
Sly Viper Catechisation
Thin Voiceless Rapacity
Vial Physiocratic Teens
Anti-Physiocratic Elves
Chaotic Evilness Parity
Anarchistic Soviet Yelp
Soviet Hysterical Panic
Soviet Chaplaincy Tiers
Positive Anarchic Style
Ripe Scholastic Naivety
Catholics Prise Naivety
Thy Evil Pantisocracies
Viny Theocratical Spies
Irish Cataleptic Envoys
Hip Ascetical Nervosity
Sleepy Cathartic Vision
Resolve This Incapacity
Shy Paternalistic Voice
Spicy Salvation Heretic
Hearty Sceptical Vision
Accepts Earthily Vision
Eat Physiocratic Snivel
Psychiatric Elevations
Naively Chaotic Priests
Socialistic Venery Path
Cynical Savior Epithets
Heretical Passivity Con
Inaptly Stoic Achievers
Nasty Achiever Politics